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VMware CEO on COVID-19

"At a time when ‘business as usual’ is not an option, we need to focus on helping each other, and assisting our customers as they respond and adapt." -Pat Gelsinger Chief Executive Officer, VMware

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News and Highlights from VMware India

VMware Cloud Foundation 4: The Platform for Hybrid Cloud

Discover the latest advancements in our hybrid cloud infrastructure solution for modern apps.

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vSphere 7: Our Biggest Release is Generally Available

See how vSphere transforms into the essential building block for the cloud operating model.

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Build, Run, and Manage Any App on Any Cloud

Drive impact with infrastructure that makes the best use of Kubernetes.

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Modernize Your HCI with vSAN 7

Explore new features that support modern apps use cases on hyperconverged infrastructure.

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Experience VMware Cloud

The impact of cloud is undeniable. Discover how you deploy and manage any application on any cloud, while maintaining the highest level of consistent infrastructure and operations. With VMware, you have the freedom to build and deploy modern applications, from the data center to the cloud to the edge.

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Curing Cancer: Can Tech Help Us Find the Answer?

Cancer is the world’s second leading cause of death. The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) wants to lower the odds and believes technology will help them find the cure.

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